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  • 300 mins-US$8

300 mins-US$8


  • US$8.00

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hya! PIN for use with hya! App

All you require is a WiFi or data connection and the person receiving the call in the Philippines to have a GSM signal.


This Smart pack is valid for 15 days from the date that you load the pack, up to 300 minutes and you can call any 10 Smart numbers.


Great new offering - you can now purchase another pack as soon as your current one has ended even within the 15 days!! Purchase as many packs as you wish and stay connected with loved ones.

Your Voucher PIN will be sent by email. Once received, please go to ‘Payment’ and then ‘Voucher’ and enter the Voucher PIN number. Your pack will then automatically be loaded.

Please note: Due to hya! sending a live PIN within your email order confirmation, we are unable to offer a refund.